Auditor Dashboard

 Be in control regarding ISO 27001, NEN 7510, SOC 2, ISAE 3402 and GDPR. KeyHub presents the needed insights in an easy to use Auditor Dashboard. Teams are encouraged to keep access privileges up to date.  Show auditors that your organisation is in control!

Actionable Insights

The Auditor Dashboard gives security officers actionable insights into the audit activities of team leads. 

With KeyHub, team leaders are empowered to manage access rights: after all, they know exactly who should have access to what and why. Team leaders are also responsible for regularly auditing these access rights. KeyHub supports team leaders in this activity by sending a notification when an access rights audit is due.

The Auditor Dashboard shows the security officers if the team’s audits are timely performed or if they need to step in. 

Security Awareness And Traceability

All access events are logged in an audit trail. This includes granting access, revoking access and using access. 

The audit trail is presented in a human readable form to all team members. This continuous visual flow of access events boosts security awareness.

In case of abnormal events, a security officer inspects the audit trail to see what resources where accessed by whom.